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11 April 2005 @ 03:49 pm
I decided to not go to boxing today. I am so tired right now and I think I need a little break.

I found out that the teacher that bitched at me is racist and doens't like white people ( Now I know why she was only yelling at me. I was the only white girl in the group. ). So I'm not going to take it personally... Or should I? :P

TrollKiller brought the pics from Prom to school today. The pics that we took of each other came out better than the one's our parents took. I've never been so photogenic! ^-^ I MIGHT post some on here, but don't expect to see my face. If I post them, I'm going to have to block my face for my mom's sake and for my "safety".

Well, that's all for now! LOVE YA TO DEATH! *huggles and bites*

P.S. I'm really in the mood to listen to D'espairs Ray - MAVERICK(one of my fave. DR songs) but I don't have it *sob*. If anybody has it, could you send it to me? I'd appreciate it!

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09 April 2005 @ 11:30 pm
I was sooo right. Junior Prom was just another "SHINDIG". TrollKiller (who I must say, looked fabulous) and I spent most of our time taking pictures then on the dance floor XD.

The Good:
1. Walking around the hotel before the party and posing for pictures. I think this was the best part of the day. ^^
2. Wearing TK's tophat and being the oddball of the party. ( I DID NOT want to look like anybody and sweet TK let me use his tophat. )
3. Taking pictures with friends and TK.
4. Burning all the calories from dinner by dancing like maniacs.
5. Being watched by a camera guy for the Prom DVD. :P

The Weird:
1. Everybody telling us "congratulations" for "getting married". (LOL, this made me laugh. People were driving by in their cars and yelling out congratulations because they thought me and TrollKiller got married. What kind of bride would wear black to their wedding? Stupid people...)
2. The dance floor was super tiny and everybody was bumping into each other.

The Bad:
1. Sucky music. (well, we danced to one good techno song, the rest was stupid rap songs)
2. The stupid fucking teacher getting up all in my face and giving me shit for sitting in a freakin' room. (I got bitched at because TK and I weren't in the ball room. We were actually waiting for our friends to finish taking their pics so we could take the group pic and she was telling us we were "taking up space". I wanted to tell her to "fuck off and get the hell out my face bitch" because there was PLENTY of space and PLENTY of chairs. She ruined the rest of my night)

The Funny:
1. EVERYBODY (except for TK and I) looked the same.
2. People were tripping all over their prom gowns XD.
3. Weird tasting teriyaki chicken. (It tasted like they added alcohol to it. "Hey! Somebody spiked the teriyaki!")

Yeah, it was no big deal. But I have to thank TrollKiller's mom again for getting me that kick ass bouquet (It had roses with red and black ribbons). She really took good care of us. ^^

Well, that's all for now. It's late and I have to get to bed. *yawn* LOVE YA TO DEATH! *huggles and bites*
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08 April 2005 @ 06:09 pm
Tomorrow is Prom Night. I'm not OVERLY excited like everybody else is, but I'm sure it'll be fun (I get to dance and eat!). See, I'm not your "average teenager" who likes to get all "spiffy" for these lil "shindigs" (lots of "'s...). I just put a lil bit of makeup on, wear something nice (not go all out with those poofy dresses), and have fun. Simple, ne? ^-^v

Anyways, some news on Mr. Gorgeousness himself:
Gackt changed his hair... once again. I like it though(I actually find it really sexy). It kinda reminds me of his Malice Mizer days a little bit. I just wonder how the hell his hair looks so damn nice after he's done all this crap to it.


I learned some new things about Hyde today! *trying desperately to make this entry as long as possible*

1.He has his belly button pierced (SERIOUSLY?! IS THIS TRUE?! I WANNA SEEEEEE!)
2.Before he was in L'Arc~en~Ciel he was the guitarist for the band Kiddies Bomb (ahaha, funny name *points and laughs*)
3.He's a big fan of Harry Potter *LMFAO* XD (Nicole and I must convert him to LOTR)
4.Apparently, Hyde was in the audience at one of Gackt's performances in 2004 and blew Gackt a kiss (oooh, another clue to their "secret relationship"?).
5.In the early days of L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hyde would often ask Tetsu to give him hickey marks on his neck before they went on stage. (what the freak?)

Interesting (and a lil odd) facts about Haido-kun. ^^'

Ugh... That's all I got,lol... My brain can't think up of anymore random things. XD Oh wells. I'll talk to you on Sunday and tell you what happened at prom,k? LOVE YA TO DEATH! *huggles and bites*

"Prom is just a time where the popular people get crowns for looking 'beautiful'..." - Kamui Atsuko (ME!) XD
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07 April 2005 @ 02:39 pm
I did another drawing in 2nd period. It's kinda... um... sexual. I took out some major stuff (sorry TK :P).DRAWING RATED "PG-13" FOR "SENSUALITY":

Well, since I just LOVE posting pics, I present to you more Gackt caps!! XD

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06 April 2005 @ 02:47 pm
Wow, what a nice day! Nothing went wrong! *pause* What's that I hear? *listens* WOOT, WOot, woot. Oh, I think I hear a "woot" echo. XD

Anyways,nothing has happened really. I'm just goin' about my normally scheduled day. So, once again, I am going to post screencaps (because I like making them). This time it's of the King of all that is sexy: Gakkun!! WHHHEEEEE!!! *flies away*

P.S. my friend is going to get me Dir En Grey's and Buck Tick's new CD's! I'm sooo happpyyyy!!!

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